About Us

If you are looking for an agent to look after your property needs, do you want someone who can sell only when the market is hot? Or someone who can only manage your investment when you have the best tenant in town? Probably not.

Our team at Ray Realtors has one conviction, that is, we do not treat our client, landlord nor tenant, as a business number. We respect each person as a unique individual with specific circumstances and expectations.

We understand the importance of being in the other person’s shoes in order to provide the best service tailored to their needs.

We believe in achieving win win situations for everyone using our service, be it a seller or purchaser; landlord or tenant. We deem this to be our biggest achievement not only in our career but in life.

Although Ray Realtors was only established in 2015, there are a few decades worth of industry knowledge and experience accumulated between our three partners. You can rest assured that choosing us as your property agent can only be one of the best choices you will ever make