Tips on selling

Thinking of selling your property? Here are some things you should consider before putting the property on the market.

  • Research online as well as looking at what is on the market similar to your property. Either in your building or on your street. Also it is suggested to keep yourself updated on what’s selling in your area every year or so, this way you can be updated on market movements.
  • Presentation is the key to selling your property. In particular if there is another 100 properties that are similar to yours, how will your property attract people to view your property on a busy Saturday? The first point of contact usually will be online/print ads. Ensure you have professional photography and a good floorplan and copy write for your property.
  • If it is possible, consider having your property styled. Getting your property styled, although at a substantial cost, it may only be less than 1% of your selling price and often that few thousand dollars converts to a much higher selling price and a sooner turnaround time.
  • If you are occupying the property, consider higher a storage or to declutter. Have as minimal things in view as possible which will make the place feel larger and neater. Decorative items are welcoming but overdoing it may be a turnoff. One persons taste varies with another, so keeping it minimal and neutral is often key.

If you would like more advice and know how to sell your property whilst tenanted or would like yearly market updates for your property please click here for a market appraisal